KDPT is the business of Kevin Devalckenaere.

KDPT has been active in the wellness sector for several years now.
In 2007, Kevin started working as a group fitness instructor at Passage Fitness First.
In 2013 he decided to make start on his own and KDPT was born.
Kevin continued his group classes and made it his main occupation in 2015.

Since Kevin was always interested in massages, he decided to deepen in this wonderful world that same year.
In January 2016 he graduated and ME-time by KDPT became a fact.
His dream is to soon set up his own space so that he can receive customers at home.
Until this dream becomes reality, ME-time by KDPT focuses on taking care of massages at the customers home.

In the second half of 2017, Kevin decided to go one step further. In addition to taking care of group lessons and massages, Kevin decided to add nutrition to his range. In this way, KDPT can help his clients across the whole line (get fit, relax and eat healthy).